Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Aspects of Dependence in Generalized Farlie-Gumbel-Morgenstern Distributions            0000-00-00
2    Characterization of life distributions using log-odds rate in discrete ageing    Ph.D    Khorashadizadeh, Mohammad    0000-00-00
3    Reliability properties of variance residaul life based on doubly truncated random variables            0000-00-00
4    Interval estimation for natural exponential families with cubic variance            0000-00-00
5    Aspects of Mean Residual Life Order for Weighted Distributions            0000-00-00
6    Remarks due to P(X            0000-00-00
7    One-way confidence interval for some parameters in natural exponential distribution with cubic variance function            0000-00-00
8    Comparing Bhattacharyya and Kshirsagar bounds with bootstrap method            0000-00-00
9    An extension of Barankin and Kshirsagar lower bounds            0000-00-00
10    Extended Maximum entropy and minimum Csiszar information            0000-00-00
11    maximum Tsallis entropy income share function under the constraint on generalized Gini index and its application in modeling Lorenz curve            0000-00-00
12    Charactrizations of continous distributions based on some moment inequalities            0000-00-00
13    Properties of cumulative residual exponential entropy            0000-00-00
14    Some properties of information measures based on aspects of reliability measures    Ph.D    Yasaei Sekeh, Salimeh    2010-01-23
15    The TTT and GTTT stochastic orders and their applications    M.Sc.    esfahani, mojtaba    2010-05-27
16    Properties and Applications of the Renyi’s Maximum Entropy    M.Sc.    sanei tabas, manije    2010-05-27
17    A connection between estimation based on information measures and maximum likelihood estimation    M.Sc.    abbaspour, fatemeh    2010-09-22
18    Estimation and tests of independence in copula models using Information Measures    M.Sc.    khosravi, samaneh    2010-11-22
19    Almost lack of memory property    M.Sc.    epram, sedighe    2011-02-04
20    Characterization and comparison of different types of lower bounds for variance of unbiased estimators    Ph.D    Nayeban, Samira    2011-02-12
21    Characterization based on income inequalities and total time on test and their connections    M.Sc.    Gholizadeh, Behzad    2011-05-18
22    Step-Stress models for continuous and discrete lifetime distributions    M.Sc.    Arefi, Ahmad    2011-06-01
23    percental fanction...    M.Sc.    akbari, mahboobe    2011-06-07
24    On The Mean Residual Life and The Mean Past Life of Systems    M.Sc.    Parsa, Motahareh    2011-06-07
25    Generalization of likelihood ratio and proportional likelihood ratio orderings and applications of them for the mixture and weighted distributions.    Ph.D    jarrahi feriz, jalil    2011-06-22
26    Extended models based on ordered data    Ph.D    ahmadi, mosayeb    2011-06-22
27    Notes on distortion in relative entropy and risk measurement and role of rate-distortion in information theory    M.Sc.    hassan zadeh, habib    2011-08-23
28    characteristics of zenga index    M.Sc.    khorashadi zade, seyed jamal    2012-04-21
29    Exploring some aging classes    M.Sc.    Charkhi, Ali    2012-04-21
30    Notes on Rao Cramer Lower Bound via a Bayesian View    M.Sc.    khaleghpanah noughabi, elham    2012-04-21
31    Application of entropy in repairable systems    M.Sc.    ashtari nezhad, emad    2012-05-13
32    Properties of Frailty Models    M.Sc.    bozorg, masoomeh    2012-06-20
33    A Comparison of income equality and its influence    M.Sc.    Karimpour, Fateme    2012-06-23
34    Aspects of Stochastic Orders and Dependence Based on Weighted Distributions    Ph.D    Izadkhah, Salman    2012-09-19
35    Estimating the parameters of regression model by Generalized maximum entropy    Ph.D    sanei, manije    2013-01-23
36    Percentile residual life for paralell systems with nonidentical components    M.Sc.    alizadeh baghal, shirin    2013-03-13
37    analysis of the dependence structur of vine copulas    M.Sc.    doodman, neda    2013-03-13
38    Finding notes in Bayesian information measures    M.Sc.    rahman pur, arezu    2013-04-24
39    Gini regression and its applications    M.Sc.    khaki yadegar, samaneh    2013-04-24
40    PERCENTILE RESIDUAL LIFE    M.Sc.    HoushmandDalir, Raziyeh    2013-05-15
41    An order-statistics-based generalization of FGM distribution and it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s properties    M.Sc.    rezaeifar, afsaneh    2013-11-06
42    Concepts of Gini Index and its Impact on Insurance Issues    M.Sc.    Derakhshesh, Farnaz    2013-11-06
43    Regression issues from information theory prespective    M.Sc.    shakiba, faeze    2013-11-06
44    Bonfferoni Coefficient Properties and Conection with other Inequality Indices    M.Sc.    Kazemian, Mohammad    2013-11-06
45    Generalized lambda distribution and notes based on economical inequalities    M.Sc.    Kadkhoda, Elaheh    2013-11-06
46    On the mean past and mean residual life in discrete model    M.Sc.    nazari kahangi, shahnaz    2014-04-16
47    On weighted cumulative (residual) entropy and relative topics    Ph.D    MIR ALI, MALIHEH    2014-08-06
48    Maximum entropy and Minimom information measures base copula function    M.Sc.    jalal shahkoie, mohadeseh    2015-01-05
49    Using the notion of copula in tomography    M.Sc.    Valipour Moghaddam, Hossein    2015-01-05
50    Bounds via Chernoff-type inequalities and measures of reliability    Ph.D    goodarzi, faranak    2015-01-12
51    Comparative Study among Income Inequality Indices ‎    Ph.D    mirzaei, shahryar    2015-01-12
52    Some properties of stochastic orders in lifetime variables    Ph.D    zamani, zohreh    2015-01-26
53    Assessing the lifetime performance indices based on order statistics    M.Sc.    Ahmadi Nadi, Adel    2015-01-28
54    Multiplicative, additive and accelerated hazard rate models in survival analysis    M.Sc.    dabiri khalifehgheshlaghi, ebadollah    2015-03-02
55    A view on Dependency and Information Measures    Ph.D    khozein ghanad, omid    2015-03-11
56    Maximum entropy based on income inequality ‎measure‎s    Ph.D    Khosravi Tanak, Ali    2015-05-03
57    Production process capability analysis based on ranked set sampling    Ph.D    Asghari, Samaneh    2015-05-03
58    Nonparametric Predictive Inference in Fuzzy Environment    Ph.D    shokri, soheil    2015-08-05
59    Relationship between economic inequality indices and reliability    Ph.D    behdani, zahra    2015-08-17
60    Properties of Leimkuhler curve and its relationship with other inequality    Ph.D    asghari, vahideh    2015-09-16
61    Information theory and option pricing    Ph.D    Salehpour, Neda    2015-09-16
62    Study of dependence structure of order statistics    M.Sc.    samiey, javad    2016-03-12
63    Exponential entropy and its extension and application    M.Sc.    mazloum panjeh keh, sajjad    2016-07-18
64    Application of Entropy in Finance    M.Sc.    Khodaverdi, Mostafa    2016-11-07
65    Some applications of confidence distributions    M.Sc.    Alsudani, firas    2016-12-12
66    Evaluation of reliability standby systems and allocation redundancy components in series and parallel systems    M.Sc.    rabbani, hadi    2017-03-06
67    The optimal policy for preventive replacement and maintenance of a system    Ph.D    ezzdine, ali    2017-05-25
68    Analysis of the feedback or side information impact on rate and capacity region and communication performances of multiuser channels    Ph.D    Boostanpour, Jafar    2017-11-04
69    Physical Layer Security in Multiple Access Channels: Communication & Information Theoretic Analysis    Ph.D    ghanami, fateme    2017-11-04
70    Entropy applications in statistical quality control    Ph.D    Fallah, Azadeh    2017-12-16
71    Statistical inferences for skew-normal distribution based on ordered data    Ph.D    hasanalipour, parisa    2018-01-03
72    Generalized Farile-Gumbel-Morgenstern copula and application in analysis of dependence competing risks    M.Sc.    tavakoli, parisa    2018-04-23
73    Entropy Performance in Finance and the Stock Market    M.Sc.    Taghizadeh, Mohammad    2018-04-30
74    Generalizations of the Gini index and they inference perimeter    M.Sc.    ghasemi, mahya    2018-06-25
75    Some properties of the variance of log liklihood function based on information mesasures    Ph.D    madani, saeid    2018-06-26